Pre-festival workshop and festival performance

The Woodford Folk Festival is looking for people who would like to train and perform with professional performing artists in a fun, friendly and festive environment.

The Woodfordia Institute of Street Performance (WISP) is an initiative that aims to expand opportunities for our community – by enrolling community members and patrons as artists and performers, provide employment for working actors and theatre-related craftspeople, and training participants for performance in a festive environment.

Community members who enrol in WISP will undertake two weekend workshops with quality trainers as well as onsite rehearsal and character support training, working towards a performance outcome at this year’s Woodford Folk Festival.

Skills explored in the workshops vary from project to project, but include mask making, circus, improvisation, comedy, costuming and make-up, and character building – all in a relaxed, supportive, social environment. For some projects, no experience is necessary, and for others, perhaps just a little. A complete outline of the weekend training sessions will be provided to successful applicants.

So if you’ve enjoyed Disturbia, the Emus, or the Marching Girls – or even if you have no idea what any of those things are but like the idea of training up to perform at the Woodford Folk Festival, we’d like to hear from you.

Click here to download the flyer with full Trainer Bios… (PDF 911k)


DISTURBIA II — Four legs good, two legs bad…

It’s the year 2525 and the world is a different place. Through the use of pig organs in transplants and blood for diabetes, medical science accidentally created a new race - part human, part pig. These “Pumans” were left to rediscover the world after deadly viruses wiped out the human population in 2250. Woodford Folk Festival, as part of it’ 500 year plan, was continued faithfully by the Pumans who had always been part of the multicultural programme. Now known fondly as “Pigford”, the Pumans have returned via a time portal to reconnect with humans to source pure human DNA to breed out hooves where once there were hands.

This year Disturbia II will be written and directed by Phil Gordon (“Mad Dentist” - Disturbia I, Cleaver Family Wreckers, Perkins Family Freak Show) and produced by Daniel Laws (Disturbia I, Clownsville).

[Please note: Returning Performers from Disturbia I, Perkins Family Freakshow, Cleaver Family Wreckers or Clownsville are encouraged to contact Phil Gordon directly at to register your interest (please include a recent photo). You may not be required to participate in the training programme]

THE GREMLINS — Nothing is safe…

In the backwaters of Woodfordia a mysterious project is underway, overseen by Woodfordia’s most misunderstood inhabitants: The Gremlins. Accidentally selected to act as Ambassadors for Earth, they are running out of time to build a rocket capable of carrying them to an interplanetary meeting. Provided only with sketchy engineering blueprints, the Gremlins have been left to their own devices, and with the deadline looming they’re desperately scavenging resources for their ship. Gremlin Scavenging Troupes will undertake semi-planned missions throughout the festival each day. Sound equipment, lanterns, furniture, tents; nothing is safe.

The Gremlins will be directed by Hayden Spencer (“Clown Vincente” - Dralion, Cirque du Soleil), and produced by Alex Podger (Woodford Fire Event, Speedy Badger Films) and Jenna Koda (Woodford Fire Event, Sock Rocking Entertainment).

That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college! – Homer Simpson

Ever had the feeling that the Woodford Folk Festival is managed by a bunch of clowns? Turns out there’s an opening at the Fair. The Palace and Circadia venues use crack clown teams to manage their venues, performing to the captive audience of queues a couple of hundred people long during the festival. Troupes are highly trained, highly disciplined, and incredibly well appreciated by festival audiences.


All projects need assistance with costuming, scavenging, make-up and building. If you’ve skills in these areas and would like to be involved, please submit your expression of interest using this form, elaborating on your experience in the Notes section.


Tick any/all in the selection box in the enrolment form.


We have certain roles to fill, and are looking for a good balance. We’ll be looking at experience, but we’ll also be really happy to take folks who just seem to fit the bill… and your enthusiasm might just outweigh your experience anyway.


Successful applicants will pay a fee of $350 for the programme.
This fee will cover:


Successful applicants will also need to be:


FRI Oct 1     Applications Close    
THU Oct 7     Applications Close for “The Gremlins” (extended)    
MON Oct 18     Applications Close for “Disturbia II” (extended)    
FRI Oct 15     Applicants Notified    
Oct 23/24     Workshop Weekend 1    
Nov – Dec     Additional/Onsite rehearsals TBA    


For more information please email